Shand WaltonShand’s latest album, Toil & Trouble, released in April 2014, features twelve original songs, influenced by stories of wild west, innocent love, and simple living. As described by the San Marcos Mercury, the music is an “infectious intermingling of Texas swing, blues, mariachi and rock.”

Over the years, Shand Walton has persisted in writing music and playing a variety of instruments — both solo and with different bands. In recent years, Shand has focused on his work as a singer-songwriter.

Ghost Town Favorites, Walton’s instrumental album released in 2003 on the Toil & Trouble Records label, was featured in Whitney Milan’s 2008 documentary, “A Glorious Opportunity: The French Legation in Texas.”

Fifteen Songs in Popular Keys (2005), the second album on the Toil & Trouble Records label, features Shand’s vocals, in addition to his original compositions. The album includes a version of “I’m Gonna Buy Me a Car,” which was highlighted on Daniel Johnston’s website.

Shand WaltonHis third album, On the Bend (2007) was the first album in which he played completely solo. Michael Molenda, editor of Guitar Player magazine, recognized Shand Walton with the “Bravery on the Edge of Crazy” award in January of 2007. He described Shand’s music as raw and encouraged readers to “dare a listen, and be transported back to the juke joint days.”